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Train and deploy Entity Recognition applications through the following video tutorials by NeuralSpace.

- Information Extraction from Live News Articles in Hindi:

  • News providers and publishing companies generate humongous amount of unstructured textual content on daily basis. This content is not of much use if there are no tools and techniques for searching and indexing the text.

  • Entity Recognition is an important tool to extract such named entities automatically from these articles and aid in further categorizing and build recommendation engines.

  • Let us use NeuralSpace's Entity Recognition to build an end-to-end entity extraction engine for Hindi and test our model on some live news articles from NDTV India and Aaj Tak India.

Data License ✅

For this tutorial, NeuralSpace has utilised corresponding training and testing data of the HiNER - Hindi Named Entity Recognition Dataset published at he Language Resources and Evaluation conference (LREC) in 2022. The dataset is available here und license CC-BY-SA-4.0.