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What is a webhook?

When you are training a model on the NeuralSpace model you wait for the model's status to change to completed before deploying and using the model. One thing you can do is poll the model-status API to get the current status and wait for it to get completed. Alternatively, you can register a webhook on the NeuralSpace platform and receive status updates every time there is a change.

This will not only save bandwidth but also help you develop sequential workflows. E.g., After a model trains successfully you can call the deploy API, or, after successfully extracting voice from an audio file call the transcription API.

How to register a Webhook

First, go to the profile page and click on Add Webhook endpoint

Profile Page

Then, add your webhook endpoint here and then click save

Webhook Details

The webhook endpoint must be a POST request

to test it locally you can use tunneling tools like Ngrok