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Do you want to:

✅ Host your trained models as endpoints for inference?
✅ Ensure high throughput across all your hosted models in production?
✅ Have guaranteed availability of endpoints for your application?
✅ Host models that scale as per your application load?
✅ Deploy endpoints that are secured?
Monitor all your endpoint interactions?

Yes? Don't worry, we have got you covered!

  • Our off-the-shelf AutoMLOps infrastructure manages all operations like compute resource allocation to scale your models with high throughput and availability in an automated fashion!

  • Thus, you get to focus on what's more important, your grand application!


AutoMLOps is a click away
Activating AutoMLOps for your models is as easy as clicking the Deploy button. Get your models business ready!

Model Deployment

Model deployment is the step that encapsulates your trained model in a production-ready infrastructure and enables AutoMLOps. All you need to do is click "Deploy".

  • AutoMLOps provides the following desirable features that make your models business ready.

  • Scalability: Handles varying amounts of load by dynamically adding or removing compute resources like virtual machines to the serving infrastructure.

  • Availability: Ensures hosted model endpoints are always live. AutoMLOps employs redundancy via replicas for models and load balancers to always have a backup service.
  • High Throughput: Supports a high rate of successfully completed requests per second. You can expect unlimited throughput that scales in linear time with our Platform.