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Whether you are using chatbots, voicebots, or text classification systems, they are all powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU). It's main purpose is to understand the intent of the user, and extract relevant information (entities) from what they said (speech) or wrote (text) to perform a relevant action. Entities can be anything from names, addresses, account numbers to very domain specific terms like names of chemicals, medicines, etc. Sometimes it also predicts the sentiment of the user which helps the bot respond to the user in a more empathetic tone.

Get started

👉 Quick start: Train deploy and use your first NLU model in under 5 minutes

Build use-cases via tutorials

👉 Tutorials: Explore tutorials on real-world datasets for practical use-cases

Dive deeper

👉 Concepts: Understand all fundamental concepts of NeuraLingo to build your own project


  • Train with AutoNLP: Using our NLU APIs you can train your own AI models to predict intents as well as extract entities.
  • Language Support: Over 87 languages are supported including 21 Arabic dialects, 11 Indian languages, and various others spoken across Africa and South East Asia.
  • Low Data Requirements: Our models are extremely data efficient. You can start training your models with just 10 examples per intent.
  • Accelerate Dataset Creation with our Creator Studio: Equipped with handy utility tools like entity marker, our Creator Studio is an in-browser text editor for creating datasets.
  • Easy to Integrate and Scale: Scale or replicate your deployed models for higher availability and throughput and integrate them with your application through REST APIs.