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Trainable Entities

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Train AutoNLP to learn patterns from your training examples and predict entities on its own. This is useful when the entity you want to extract does not have a finite list of values. E.g., Names of people, Addresses, Songs, Artists, etc.

In such a scenario just letting AutoNLP figure out what these entities are is the best way to go.


Make sure to login using API and have your authorization token in a variable called AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN before running this API.

Create a Trainable Entity

While adding a training example if you do not specify anything for the entityType attribute it is considered as a trainable entity. In the example below

"intent": "play_song",
"text": "Play songs by John Lennon",
"type": "train",
"entities": [
"entity": "artist",
"value": "John Lennon",
"start": 14,
"end": 25,
"entityType": "trainable"

The entityType attribute defaults to trainable if it is not specified.