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What is NeuralSpace?

NeuralSpace is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which offers developers a no-code web interface and a suite of APIs for text and voice Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks that you can use without having any Machine Learning (ML) or Data Science knowledge.

Along with some of the common languages like English, German, French, etc., the platform supports various languages spoken across India, South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, aka, low-resource languages. The primary goal of NeuralSpace is to democratize NLP and make sure any developer can create software with advanced text and voice language processing in any language and not just English.

The platform comes with various text and voice processing services that can help you recognize intents and entities in sentences, detect languages, transliterate between alphabets, classify long or short text into categories, identify speakers in a given audio file, transcribe speech into text, and much more. The AI models that power our platform are state-of-the-art, quality assured and ready for you to customize or consume out of the box.

AutoNLP & AutoMLOps

All of our services can be trained/customized using AutoNLP, with which you can build text and voice language processing AI models for your unique use-case. Your models can then be deployed on our cloud infrastructure using AutoMLOps, and you can start using them through APIs with just a few clicks.

The NeuralSpace Platform is designed as a no-code platform for you to take your text and voice language features faster to market and focus on the business problems you are solving, while we take care of all your language processing needs.

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Language Understanding

Whether you are using chatbots, voicebots, or process automation engines, they are all powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU). It's main purpose is to understand the intent of the user, and extract relevant information (entities) from what they said (voice/speech) or wrote (text) to perform a relevant action. Entities can be anything from names, addresses, account numbers to very domain specific terms like names of chemicals, medicines, etc. NLU can also predict the sentiment of the user which can help analyze user behaviour or create chatbots and voicebots that respond to the user in a more empathetic tone.

Entity Recognition

Text documents contain key phrases that are useful for making them more easily searchable (e.g., person names, organizations, locations, medical codes, time expressions, quantities, monetary values, percentages). These categories are called entities. While indexing documents with such meta-information makes them easily accessible, manually extracting them from documents for indexing is extremely laborious and expensive. Additionally, extracting domain-specific terms and phrases requires expert knowledge.


Whether we are talking about subtitles, government documents or question papers for exams, all of them need to be translated into multiple languages. Manually translating documents at such a scale is not only expensive but also an extremely time-consuming process.

With the help of Translation you can drastically reduce the amount of time to translate documents. Our translation models are all state-of-the-art and can translate text in between more than 100 languages.

Run on Postman

To kickstart your journey with NeuralSpace we have created a Postman collection that you can fork.

Run in Postman