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Service Code: voice-extraction


Voice Extraction

A common problem in many NLP tasks, especially related to speech in audio files is to separate just the voice audio from the background audio (music, noise, etc.). Whether you want to improve the quality of Speech to Text, a video localisation app, or you want to build a Karaoke app, you will need a service like this.

Our Voice extraction service was built for this exact purpose.

These are some examples:

Original VideoVoice AudioBackground Audio
Voice AudioBackground Audio
Voice AudioBackground Audio


  • Out-of-the-box Models: No need to train a model. Our pre-trained models can be used off-the-shelf to extract voice audio from any audio files.

  • Language agnostic: Our speaker identification service works for any language in the world.


Auto Overdubbing

If you are building a video to video translation platform, in which you are automatically generating overdubs and overlaying on the original video, the quality of your output video will depend on how well you are layering the auto-generated overdub with the background track. With a service like this you will never have to worry about what background audio is present in the video. You can extract the voice and background audio and then overlay your overdub audio on the background audio.

Improving Speech to Text

WIth this service you can extract just the voice audio from an originally noisy audio file. This way you can improve your Speech to Text results.

Auto Karaoke App

Using this service you can build your own Karaoke App. Any user can upload any song and you can give them the background audio file, which in this case is the Karaoke track.

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