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Get started by building Transliteration models for a real-world task in under 15 minutes!

Task Description

In this era of social media, we find ourselves surrounded by social media content in a vast variety of languages. But typing in languages other than English can prove to be difficult!

This particular task is inspired by the ease that comes with typing in the English language. More often than not we prefer typing in English alphabet even when are not really using English as the language. This service will help convert typed text in English language to another (in this case, English to Hindi), helping us to easily communicate in the language of our choice, without having to go through any trouble in typing!!!

Quick Start Guides

👉 Select the medium of your choice to start building:

  1. CLI: Instantly parse your text using our pre-trained models!
  2. Platform UI: Discover NeuralSpace's AutoNLP to Click, Train, Deploy & Integrate your own custom Transliteration models at your fingertips in any language!