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Language Support

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Language Pair Codes

For transliteration, we currently support 24 language pairs. Refer to the codes in the following tables for for entering corresponding source language source language and target language target language in the APIs .

👉 Transliteration from English

Language PairSourceTargetLanguage PairSourceTarget
English -> HindienhiEnglish -> Arabicenhi
English -> BengalienbnEnglish -> Gujaratiengu
English -> KannadaenknEnglish -> Malayalamenml
English -> MarathienmrEnglish -> Punjabienpa
English -> SinhalaensiEnglish -> Tamilenta
English -> TeluguenteEnglish -> Urduenur

👉 Transliteration to English

Language PairSourceTargetLanguage PairSourceTarget
Arabic -> EnglisharenBengali -> Englishbnen
Gujarati -> EnglishguenHindi -> Englishhien
Kannada -> EnglishknenMalayalam -> Englishmlen
Marathi -> EnglishmrenSinhala -> Englishsien
Punjabi -> EnglishpaenTamil -> Englishtaen
Telugu -> EnglishteenUrdu -> Englishuren

Check Language Support

Make sure to follow Getting Started to login and then use the following command.

neuralspace transliteration get-languages