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Service Code: spell-checker

Spell Checker (coming soon!)

There’s nothing worse than having red marks ❌ all over your content in your native language, when it’s actually correct. Here is where NeuralSpace's Spell Checker comes in the picture with a fairy wand 🪄!

More situations are arising where more than one language needs to be included in a single piece of content. Think about online learning materials, legal documents or multilingual websites.

With NeuralSpace Spell Checker, you have the option of changing the languages on-the-fly at any point (as you type) of the checking process, without having to go back to the beginning of the text. It also supports user-specific dictionaries with editing capabilities. The Add-to-Dictionary option allows adding unknown words to the user dictionary which is stored in cookies on your computer.

There you have it, accurate results in and appropriate suggestions for corrections. Now that is what you want!

  • 👉 APIs (coming soon)


  • State-of-the-art Models: Use our pre-trained state-of-the-art spell-checking models through APIs and integrate them in any application.

  • Train with AutoNLP: Train your own AI models to do domain-specific spelling correction.

  • Chrome Extension: Use our Spell Checker Service as a secure and robust writing assistant for individual and business users.

  • Multi-language Support: Go global with 40+ supported languages. Juggle 2+ languages easily when typing with the auto language detection feature.

  • Evergreen dictionaries: Tired of Pinterest being replaced with Pin Interest? Calm down, our evergreen dictionaries consist of buzzwords and modern terms to avoid multiple manual corrections.