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Quickstart: Transcribe audio without writing a single line of code!

Hi there!👋

Welcome to the NeuralSpace Speech to Text Service!

In this quickstart article, we will walk you through the entire interface for converting your speech to text, whether it is in the form of audio file of any format, or in the form of audio from your microphone, in under 5 minutes.

Let us get started!🕺

Step 1: Set up your NeuralSpace Account


  • Activate your account and then use your credentials to Login!
  • As a first time user, you will be prompted to the Welcome to NeuralSpace Onboarding Page. (We can skip that for now).

Step 2: Install Speech to Text Service

  • Make sure you see Speech to Text Service on the left-side bar 🔍.
  • If you do not see this service, click on All Services and then click on Install.
  • Now, click on Speech to Text Service or click here.

File Transcription UI

Step 3: Choose the Mode of Transcription

File Transcription UI

File Transcription 📁

Step 1: Upload File

  • Press on the blue button which says Upload Audio File.
  • Navigate to the file you want to trascribe and click on Select.

File Transcription UI

File Limitations
  • Upload limit for individual file is 10MB.
  • Total upload limit for all files is 500MB.
  • File must have a valid audio file extension such as .wav or .mp3 for example.
  • We support all commonly used audio file types.

Step 2: Select Language

  • Click on the Select Language drop down to choose the language, and the Domain dropdown for domain of the audio file.
  • For example, the language could be Hindi and the domain General.

File Transcription UI

Step 3: Transcribe File

  • Click on the Transcribe button under the language selection dropdown and wait for the file to transcribe.

File Transcription UI

Step 4: View Transcript 🧐

  • Click on the View Transcript button beside the audio player to get the corresponding transcription for the audio.

File Transcription UI

Voila! ✨ You successfully converted your first audio file to text 📄!

Dictation 🎙️

Step 1: Select Language and Domain

  • Choose the desired Language and Domain from the dropdown.
  • For example English and General.

Stream Transcription UI

Step 2: Allow permissions

  • When prompted for the microphone permission on your browser, please allow after selecting the correct input device.

Stream Transcription UI

Step 3: Transcribe

  • Click on the yellow micrphone button to start streaming the transcription.

Stream Transcription UI

🎊 There you have it! You successfully transcribed what you were saying 🎤 to text 📄!

Step 4: Stop and Clear 🛑

  • To stop transcribing the audio, press the yellow mic button once again.
  • To clear the on-screen text, press the clear button beside the language and domain dropdowns.

Stream Transcription UI

Next Steps