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App Code: long-doc-classification

Long Document Classification and Analysis

Long Document Classification and Analysis (coming soon)

We consider any document with more than 300 words a long document. Whether it be annual reports, research papers, technical documentations or pdf documents, if you are sourcing or generating such documents you should have a possibility to organize and sort them into categories. You might even have to extract entities from these documents, which are specific information like names, addresses, dates, etc. Doing this manually can be time-consuming and expensive. Doing the same for multiple languages can be even more testing.

👉 APIs coming soon


  • Document Classification using AutoNLP: Train your own AI model to classify your documents using AutoNLP.
  • Language Support: Over 55 languages are supported.
  • Entity Extraction: Use any extractor from our Entity Library or train your custom entity extractor and use it here.
  • Accelerate Dataset Creation with our Creator Studio: Equipped with handy utility tools, our Creator Studio is an in-browser text editor for creating datasets.
  • Easy to Integrate and Scale: Scale or replicate your deployed models for higher availability and throughput and integrate them with your application through REST APIs.