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Service Code: language-detection

Language Detection

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If the users of your application are multilingual, you naturally have the need to detect which language they are speaking in. This helps you improve your user experience as well as pick language-specific AI models to process what they are saying. For example, a chatbot can detect the language the user is speaking in and respond in the same language, or an email automation agent can detect the language of the sender and accordingly pick a language-specific AI model to process the rest of the conversation.

Use it with other services like Transliteration or Translation and make your NLP application cater to any language you want.


  • State-of-the-art Models: Use our pre-trained state-of-the-art language detection models through APIs and integrate them in any application.
  • Easy to Use: Simply pass the text through the API, and get top N predicted languages along with confidence scores.
  • Language Support: Over 150 languages supported.

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